Haidra Joins the Nivenly Foundation

Welcoming the Haidra project to the Nivenly Foundation!

Welcoming Haidra!

We are very excited to share that Haidra has joined the Nivenly Foundation as a member project. Through its membership, Haidra and its maintainers will receive governance and legal support of the Foundation to help it remain a fully open and neutral community as it grows.

What is Haidra?

Haidra is a dynamic community organization behind the groundbreaking AI Horde project and the thriving software ecosystem that surrounds it. AI Horde is the only crowdsourced cluster for Generative AI, aiming to democratize access to - and what people can do with - AI, regardless of wealth and resources. More specifically, Haidra seeks to provide and support a broader developer ecosystem around its open AI Horde API. This has already borne fruit, as Haidra has plugins for Krita, GIMP, Mastodon, Lemmy, multiple telegram and discord bots, as well as front end interfaces for generating images and text, such as Lucid Creations, ArtBot and KoboldAI lite.

All software developed by Haidra are also Free/Libre Software ensuring that all this effort will forever belong to the common culture. You can find everything on GitHub and you can take a look at the amount of 3rd party tools available.

How Can You Get Involved?

Getting involved with Haidra is pretty easy and you can contribute as much or as little as you are able. Every contribution counts. Here are a few ways to get started with the project.

  • Help keep operations running: The infrastructure of AI Horde is fully funded by community donations. You can contribute in-kind here. AI Horde also relies on volunteer compute power to keep operations running at a reasonable speed. Anyone can support this by simply onboarding their computer as an AI Horde worker. By doing this, you provide resources to the community. You also receive priority for your own Generative AI creations for both images and text.
  • Keep the communities safe: Not only does Haidra generate text and images, which comes with its own privacy concerns, but it also has the various GitHub repositories for the project and its ecosystem, as well as the central Discord. The Haidra project maintainers take pride in a high standard of community safety, and need to scale moderation to meet the project’s growing needs.
  • Contribute code and expertise: Of course, as with any open source project, Haidra relies on its community to contribute code that advances the project under its umbrella. If you have ideas for the project or want to help with fixes, day-to-day code maintenance, etc. join the community on GitHub. As always, when you contribute to a Nivenly project you will need to sign the Nivenly CLA. (Note that Nivenly’s default code license is Apache 2, but each sub-project may have a separate licensing. When contributing to a specific project, you are bound by the terms of that project’s license.)
  • Join the Haidra conversation: Haidra also maintains a presence on social media, such as Mastodon and Lemmy and they have a vibrant community in the official discord server with regular events and support channels and posts updates to their blog. The Haidra community welcomes you to join any/all of these channels to learn more about the project and get involved in important discussions happening in the community. Taking part in events and helping others is also a great way to receive more priority for your use on the AI Horde.

Interested in Nivenly Membership?

If you’re new around here, firstly, welcome - we are so glad you’re here! If you like what you see, and are interested in joining our Foundation, here are the Cliff Notes (The full rundown is here.) The Nivenly Foundation is a non-profit co-op that provides governance and legal support to open source projects. Our ultimate goal is to create a place where individuals, project maintainers, and project sponsoring entities can build healthy, effective, and sustainable working relationships that nurture the positive benefits that each group brings, while offsetting common sources of friction, bias, and unbalanced influence that can stifle projects’ long-term potential.

Community resources:

Welcome again to the Nivenly Foundation, Haidra! We look forward to supporting this amazing project, and seeing its impact continue to grow.

* We are continuing to work on our governance structure and will have more information about this soon!