Pachli decision

The board’s decision on Pachli as a Nivenly project

In November 2023, Pachli applied to be a Nivenly member project. We have learned our lesson from how we approach Haidra’s application, so we put the question of whether we should support Pachli to the Nivenly membership.

The results of that vote are outlined in this post, and I’m thrilled to announce that Pachli is an official Nivenly project.

Pachli plans to support multiple Mastodon-supporting apps, but has started with an Android app that started as a Tusky fork. Nik, the maintainer and Pachli lead, is eager for any support from the community in terms of accessibility improvements, but also has a long list of starter projects for folks that want to get started in open source development. It almost goes without saying that this willingness to focus on accessibility, and support open source growth, are key aspects that make this project a great fit for Nivenly.

We’re thrilled to welcome them on board, and if you want to get in touch with the team you can find them on github or (of course) Mastodon.