Nivenly Foundation

The Nivenly Foundation brings sustainability, autonomy, and control to open source projects and communities around the globe.

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What is Nivenly?

We set the precedent for member-controlled and democratically-governed technical organizations. We support open-source services and projects around the world. We believe in balancing power between our contributors and maintainer(s) that sustain our projects with the corporations that use them.

Logo for Aurae

Aurae is a free and open source Rust project providing a memory-safe runtime daemon, process manager, and PID-1 initialization system to remotely schedule processes, containers, and virtual machines.

It also provides official clients in Rust and Go, but exposes everything through a gRPC API allowing a breadth of possible integrations.

Logo for Hachyderm

Hachyderm is a social media site built on Mastodon. Here we are building a curated network of respectful professionals in the tech industry around the globe. Welcome to anyone who follows the rules and needs a safe home or fresh start.

We are hackers, professionals, enthusiasts, and are passionate about life, respect, and digital freedom. We believe in peace and balance and providing safe spaces.

Nivenly Coming Soon Logo

Haidra is a dynamic community organization behind the groundbreaking AI Horde project and the thriving software ecosystem that surrounds it. AI Horde is the only crowdsourced cluster for Generative AI, aiming to democratize access to this revolutionary technology, regardless of wealth and resources.

Haidra is dedicated to not only building new tools around AI, but also to stewarding safe spaces. This includes not only the images being made by Haidra and its ecosystem, but also the supporting community spaces.